photo by Adrian Belic



Professional Experience

• Recorded the dialogue for Craig Baldwin's new film, "Mock Up on Mu".

• Recorded and mixed new CDs for San Francisco groups Inferno of Joy, Blind Willies, and The Nerve.

• Co-produced and mixed Jolie Holland's third Anti release, "Springtime Can Kill You"

• Co-produced and engineered Jolie Holland’s second release, "Escondida," on Anti Records.

• Began working with Jolie Holland, recording songs for her first CD, "Catalpa.”

• Recorded sound and dialogue for the film “A Year of Celibacy," directed by Lisa Bostwick.
• Recorded voice-overs for the film "The Quicky," directed by Sergey Bodrov.

• Recorded music and on location sound and dialogue for Academy Award nominated documentary film "Genghis Blues,” directed and produced by Roko and Adrian Belic. Soundtrack mixed with Paul Carlsen.

• Began documenting poetry and spoken word scene in San Francisco.
• Continued to do sound design with North Beach Repertory including productions of "Waiting for Lefty," by Clifford Odet, and "Red Cross" and "Chicago," by Sam Shepard.
• Began working with San Francisco composer Eric Walker, including recording projects for the play "Free Fall," by Veronique Guillard, and original music and sound for the Joe Goode Performance Group.

• Began partnership with Josef Bomback, forming Cult-7 Ltd.
• First Cult-7 project is "Music for Furniture and Possibilities," a sound and music environment for the installation called "Memphis," by Milan-based design group headed by Ettore Sottsas.
• Contributed original score and sound design for San Francisco's North Beach Repertory Co.'s theatrical production of "Cats-Paw."

• Started Crib Recording S.F., a private analog/digital recording studio; recording wide spectrum of Bay Area bands.
• Started Crib Nebula Productions for live sound mixing and artist support.

• Trained as a recording engineer at Different Fur Recording, San Francisco CA,
owned and directed by Dr. Patrick Gleason.
• Assisted recording of musical soundtrack for "Apocalypse Now," by Patrick Gleason.
• Assisted recording of album "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts," with Brian Eno and David Byrne.
• Also worked on recordings for: Kronos Quartet, Crime, The Punts, The Tubes,
Contractions, SVT, The Tong, Fever, Huey Lewis and the News.